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What Sets Us Apart

Personal Care

From the beginning, Byrdsmiles Orthodontics has envisioned and maintained a low-volume, high-touch practice. Dr. Clark, Dr. Talley, and our team consistently take the time to treat patients individually.

Never rushing through appointments, we believe that patients and parents who have a clear understanding of their treatment will enjoy the process and contribute to the results. For more than 30 years, our doctors and handpicked staff have built a strong reputation for creating healthy, attractive smiles.

Our staff is like an extended family, and we look forward to every workday. They are truly one of the secrets to the success of our practice.

Why choose Byrdsmiles Orthodontics?

  • Our staff is our strongest asset! Well trained, dedicated, and gentle, they will always strive to exceed your expectations!
  • Our practice provides orthodontic treatment for all ages and needs. We have private treatment areas available upon request.
  • We limit the size of the practice to keep our schedule open and care very specialized. Our orthodontic approach utilizes the most efficient and comfortable treatments available, and the most advanced technologies.
  • Because we are a relatively small practice, we are able to spend more time listening to our patients’ concerns and getting to know each of them and their families personally.
  • Patient and parent education is an important part of what we do. The more the patient understands the orthodontic process, the more fun and collaborative the process becomes!
  • Our practice is centered on the patient, and we look for ways to surprise and delight our guests. We serve coffee and tea in the reception room and bake cookies every afternoon.
  • We have been known to make house calls, school visits, and special appointment times outside our regular hours when necessary.

Our warm and friendly staff will make you and your family feel right at home. Dr. Clark, Dr. Talley, and our team have the experience and expertise necessary to make accurate and efficient treatment decisions. Come visit our Washington, DC orthodontic practice and see what we have to offer!

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